Patch Playthrough & impressions (Vid)


Note to inquisitors - This is primarily an entertainment orientated video for those of you stuck at work and desperate to see some of these new changes. There will be a few things i've missed as i've not had time to play through every eventuality yet. More videos will follow on the weekend!

Enjoy! - Feel free to let me know what you think of this lovely update.

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Patch Playthrough & impressions (Vid)
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7 years 4 days ago
Great as always. 
7 years 2 days ago

Good video and an excellent patch! 

Overall the update is tremendous and really increases the urge to log in and play. The graphics and sound is much better and the game play too. Here are a few comments:

  • The class system is very cool but some of the heroic deed rewards i got were unlocks of skill branches that I already had access to via my class...  If we already have the skill branch then the reward could be a free attribute point instead. 
  • The mission reward screen is satisfying (especially the level up effect which is great for dopamine release :) ) however it could be clearer that you're supposed to press the middle icon and I think the "Grand Reward" should be reserved for high quality items (artificer or particularly good rolls). Right now the term becomes inflated. I'd prefer: reward - reward - GRAND REWARD - reward
  • There is a bit of Hungarian in the options menu (target marker) but that probably just placeholder.
  • One thing I'd like is for the storage containers to drop (maybe just occasionally) something like credits or mats. 

Good job! :D