Patch 2.0 Features:

Heroes Rebalanced


There will be many changes in the upcoming Patch 2.0 for the revered or infamous heroes in King Arthur: Knight's Tale – most of these are numeric changes within skills, and these will all be detailed in the full and final changelog. 

Just to get some kind of idea about what is coming, let’s take a look at the most interesting cases, highlighting some of the more significant transformations.

Merlin is one of the most powerful figures of the Arthurian legend, and it makes sense that his abilities are slightly above average… but this also breaks the balance of the game a bit. He has been by far the strongest Arcanist in the game, especially with his ability to constantly cycle through his low AP cost skills, dishing out Illusions which rendered enemy units virtually incapacitated. So, we made some changes, moved around some abilities. Enemies with more than 50% Mental Debuff Resist will no longer fall for Illusion. However, some of Merlin’s abilities have been buffed to offer viable alternatives, such as Fog or Raven Swarm.

The ever-friendly brothers, Sir Balin and Sir Balan received numerous changes to their abilities, but not only for balancing reasons. By adjusting some of the stats, we made Sir Balan more of a slow and heavily armoured Hero, and Sir Balin an exceptionally mobile one. With these changes we hope to not just increase the contrast between the brothers, but to help them stand out more from their fellow Champions and Vanguards.

Sir Bedivere was always a bit lacklustre as a vanguard, lacking the mobility of other Heroes of the class. We decided to embrace this idea, and instead of working on his mobility, we turned him into a full-on frontline brawler by adding new skills such as Berserking to his arsenal. Now we believe he is on par with any hero in the current pool in regards of damage output and sustain as well. He also receives a new trait called Exile that puts a limit on Loyalty.

We felt like Sir Ector also needed something unique of his own. He will receive the ability to summon and command The Lost, as this goes well with his backstory and his "the end justifies the means" mindset. Not to mention commanding disposable units opens a lot of fun tactical possibilities. This new skill will be enhanced with various interesting Masteries.

Sir Lanval didn't stand out much from the crowd, and was tedious to manage due to his Restless trait. With the trait and his skill tree reworked, he should be worthy to join your Round Table (you still need to spare him first, though). An interesting new skill of his is Dazing Strike which will passively add stun to all of his single target abilities, even base attack.

And lastly, let’s talk about the new monarch, nemesis of the Once and Future King. Sir Mordred wasn't a very enticing option in the later Acts of the game due to his lack of Loyalty bonuses other Heroes had. The buffs of his unique trait, Keeper of the Excalibur are meant to take care of that, as it offers more AP and Weapon Damage. He also receives a new skill, Lightning Cleave that will replace Cleave.

That’s it for today, just a taste of what’s coming. The full changelog is very-very long, and it will include much more hero-specific changes (virtually every hero has received balancing adjustments). You will see the full list as soon as Patch 2.0 will be released this year, on December 2.

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Patch 2.0 Features: Heroes Rebalanced
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270 days ago

This game is good. The castle management is simple, fleshed out and provided great buffs if you choose carefully. The fact this game is still being updated and developed with new content and expansions is great. I will definitely be playing what Neocore comes out with next.

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