Patch 2.0 Features:

Classes Rebalanced


One of the most important features of the upcoming Patch 2.0 for King Arthur: Knight's Tale is a careful rebalancing of all classes. We listened to all player feedback and we replayed the game over and over to see where certain classes needed some extra tweaking. Thus, we came up with a comprehensive list of changes.

Just to get a taste, here are some examples of how these will affect certain classes.

So. Marksmen. Some of you might have noticed how this excellent ranged class became less than optimal as the game progressed to later Acts. In this new patch, we made some drastic changes to help them stay competent in mid- and late-game, without throwing off early game balance. They also received various tools that reward tactical gameplay and help positioning. Some examples of the changes include bigger damage for Aimed Shot, First Shot and Poison Bomb.

We were pretty happy with Sages... however, players seemed to become a little bit too fond of inspiring other units. Because of this, the AP cost of Inspire will be increased, so players might experiment with other skills as well. Some masteries and abilities have been enhanced and moved around as you will find out.

The same is true for the Champions, they only needed some minor adjustments. Whirlwind rarely saw any use, so we reduced its AP cost to make it more viable as an alternative to Cleave. However, we decided to restrict Killing Spree, the free Strike will now only occur once per turn.

Arcanists needed less attention, but a few skills and abilities will receive changes, such as Force Bolt, Fire Blast, Terror Wings and Wall of Flame. Fire spells will cause burning by default, so make sure to get friendly with the elements!

What about the Vanguards? Their traps now ignore all Armour, this change also affects Traps placed by Heroes of other classes, like Sir Damas. Traps were far inferior in their damage potential compared to regular attacks, even though their use requires much more forethought and careful planning. This change helps make up for that gap, while it also helps differentiate traps from other skills, giving them a unique advantage. Other changes will affect Assassination, and Vanguards will no longer jump back to their original position when performing a Jumping Attack.

Lastly, Defenders will see some increased damage from Bonebreaker, Flaming Strike (Searing Blaze), and they will receive less damage from Overwatch and Opportunity Attacks. You will see other changes as well, but some will not apply to all heroes!

For a more detailed changelog, you will have to wait until the Patch 2.0 drops on December 2, 2023. There's plenty of time to get the most out of your current strategies as they might not work anymore... but we hope by learning about these changes now you will be ready for anything!

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Patch 2.0 Features: Classes Rebalanced
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275 days ago

About this game 

I have to say that so great. I like it. This is a great crpg, probably the most challenging one I have played. It punishes you hard which can be frustrating but it adds a fun challenge to beat. Each encounter has to have a tactical approach which I enjoy. The variety of build and synergies are fun and the alignment system is unique in that it decides which companions you can recruit to your round table.

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280 days ago

Awesome - looking forward to this!