Passive counts are messed up



There is something weird going on my my passive skill count.  Suddenly I'm 19 points over what I could spend, except that I didn't overspend.  When I leveled up, the -19 went to -18, but I never got the chance to choose a passive skill.

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Passive counts are messed up
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1 year 59 days ago
Ok, thank you.  That's annoying, but not unworkable.  As I was mind wiping myself, suddenly one of the trees that I reset a few days ago showed a bunch of skills in it.  It didnt show up until I removed a bunch of other stuff first.

I sort of wish that I could mind wipe myself of that whole troublesome experience.  Oh well.

1 year 59 days ago

This is a fairly common issue. It happened to me two or three times already and I know several other forum posters experienced it too. From what I can tell, it happens some time after you re-allocate passive points. In my latest case, I completely filled four passive trees for a seasonal challenge, then reset all of them and re-allocated them slightly differently. After a few missions, my passive skills balance was negative. I think I levelled up while doing the missions - this might be the point where the passives count gets messed up.

It might be the server is incorrectly using a previous snapshot of your skills and combining it with the re-allocated ones, so you end up with your old build combined with the new one.

The only solution I know of is to use mind reset and redo your tree(s) from scratch.