Difficulty levels


Here's something that seems like always happens.  I request a new priority mission at +5 to meet some challenge of at least 4 levels higher, but instead of a mission I can barely accomplish with my character, I am assigned a +7.  Happens all the time and is so frustrating.  Every once in a while I'd like to get the choice I've selected, don't you know?

Maybe I'm making poor choices in the dialog options and the over the top mission is my reward?

Whatever the reason, I can't find any explanation for why this is happening and I'm hoping someone here knows why.

Thank you.

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Difficulty levels
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1 year 58 days ago
Giamantis is right, that's the reason behind the higher mission levels.
1 year 59 days ago
Oh, that makes perfect sense.  Thank you!
1 year 59 days ago

I think whats happening here is that the base level of priority missions can be player level, or +1, or +2. and then the difficulty setting adds to that, so it's +5 higher than the level of the mission, rather than +5 player level.  If that's the case, then you may be able to achive +4 by selecting +3 difficulty.

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