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First of all, you, the dev team, have to get in mind that this game is already A.W.E.S.O.M.E. My comments are here to share my thoughts and my opinion on what to review, but, hey, let's be realistic, it would not have been neocore but EAgames, the game would have been already released and the psyker patch would be a payed DLC. Besides, you have a clear roadmap with tons of improvement the community can't wait to see (but have to), talking about "free" DLC is already pretty great, and the last word of the producer concerning fate and dailies tells us you are really considering your community during alpha. 

Still, feedbacks are barely a list of critics about what is not working "well" yet. And here it comes.


I already posted a feedback about blueprints (it's why I called this post "overall feedback") but let me go deeper about all this. Crafting is a good way to get nice stuff, quickly, here it even evoluates with the character rank level, but..
 - We should have the mininum required level printed on each BP before buying them. Or only make accessible the BP of the actual Rank lvl +5.
 - Time to craft should be revue to no time for green, short time (like 5 min an add on, and 15 min for armor/weapon) for purple, and maybe 1hour for relics.
 - Giving to bonuses gotten by Advanced mats a quality bonus. This point needs some explanations, still. I have my "armor type" blueprint for quality Artificer (purple). If I craft one, it takes me 390min, to get an armor that, maximum 3 ranks later, will be obsolete, not because of stats as I added advanced materials to boost them, but because of the "Power Rating" due to the rank I crafted it. So I spent over 6hours to wait an armor, and if I played during these 6 hours, there is a change I got one to two rank levels. So I do craft purples before going to sleep, so the day after I get an armor. Do I put advanced mats with? no, because till R50 the item will be obsolete too quickly.


I'll discuss here about a system I saw in StarConflict and could help to farm fate while getting "dailies" or at least a form of these. You don't have to drop them completely, because it's a good way to get Fate. But you could use an illimited system with 1 or 2 different types of objectives and that are replaced by an other type and the previous is added to the invisible list behind.

let me give you a short example :
Active objectives
[Objective] Kill 200 rebels (53/200) [50 fate]
[Objective] Kill 50 Chaos Space Marines (21/50) [50 fate]
Objectives waiting to be charged
[Objective] Kill 150 Daemons (0/150) [50 fate]
[Objective] Achieve 4 missions (0/4) [50 fate]

I finally killed 200 rebels, I get my 50 fate, that objective goes back in the waiting list, and a new one takes place :
Active objectives
[Objective] Kill 50 Chaos Space Marines (21/50) [50 fate]
[Objective] Kill 150 Daemons (0/150) [50 fate]
Objectives waiting to be charged
[Objective] Achieve 4 missions (0/4) [50 fate]
[Objective] Kill 200 rebels (0/200) [50 fate]


Ah Tarot.. As I said earlier in a previous feedback, there is a big issue concerning Tarot. Since I am farming Account xp aswell as fate for most of the missions, I don't really to get some via Tarot missions. The Rank xp and the loot will be the same if I run Tarot in Chernobog or Lacaon. So why would I go in another system than Chernobog where I am invincible and can speed these missions? I am a player but I am no masochist. I'll choose the main card depending of my stuff, will get for minor arcana the one that guarantees an artificer item but needs to never die during mission, and so Chernobog system (or any white system) is good to run a Tarot with the certitude to be a god on the battlefield.

My best solution here would be to add some XP to Major Arcana cards (like 25 to 50 more rank xp per system) so people like me will have to decide "easy loot or tons of rank xp?". That would also motivate me to do Tarots in multi mode. But here's the next chapter


BIG chapter. Let's first discuss about the chat system :  
 - Sometimes right click options disappear in the chat, for adding or inviting gamers to party. Seems to disappear when swapping applications (like returning to Windows)
 - Can group but can't add friends with a Cyrillic name. Tells "name '??????' not found".
And then the party itself :
 - have to leave the party to swap the character.
 - when rezing someone that die in a party, another player trying to rez the deadone will reset the rez timer. A new rez should not reset the timer, but only take the lead if the "first" one rezing the dead is broken (hit) during his action.
 - can't discuss while dead (which is problematic to call for a rez).
 - If one of the party switches application (like return on windows), the loading is at a stop for the whole party.

Actually we all know Coop isn't much played, MatchMaking taking hour(s) since it waits players. Okay. But you can still launch a coop when you are in a 4-players party. And the rewards are so bad. For what I understood, even if the highest ranked player isn't the leader, the difficulty scales on his PowerRating (but, as in a normal mission in a x-players party, the bonuses are the same for lower levels) BUT instead of giving the PR difference in fate, it gives 2 fate points per player. Meaning if I want to help newbies, I should be leader of the party AND load normal missions, or they won't get tons of fate. I understand, somehow, why it goes like that, but then Coops aren't offering a compensation, like more purple items, or something like that. 

Last point I'd like to discuss about parties/coops, is to add banners (and would give more depth if personnalisable of course) to point on minimap. To indicate a direction to take, or an objective that some passed (like a stolen relic with a big Daemon :) ). The same stuff as you could see on Diablo3 with the T command. That pulse and shime for 5 seconds on minimap, so party has time to see the call. 


These last days, I was accepted in a Cabal, and something that I thought was you would encourage to party with your Cabal. Actually, that you run a cabal mission alone or with 3 cabal members, it's the same, the cabal get one point. What is the idea behind that? Even if we play as a cabal, it's better, more profitable to run each of us solo. It's a little weird. I'd suggest to give one point per member of the cabal achieving the mission, and in case it's a party with 4 cabal members, to give a 5th point, to celebrate cooperation. Cohesion. 

Also, most of Cabal maps are about (for what I tried and read upon) Rebels. If per chance you agreed with me on "dailies", randomizing a little more the ennemies for Cabal missions aswell would be awesome. 


In another feedback, someone is already discussing about weapons. He did great job to underline the good and bad weapons. But here I'd like to discuss about why picking this weapon or another. I don't say plasma+heavy bolter is the best. Maybe it's true, but since R1 I usually skip certain types of weapons, like lasers and flamers, but what decides me to take this or that is the PR it offers. Two weapons of same rank, 1h compared to 1h, 2h compared to 2h, always does the same kind of damage. If Heavy bolter makes me slower, and takes some shots to adjust, why not just playing autocannon? Yes, both could be of the same PR, I'm okay with that, but what makes a heavy flammer "great for the use"? What makes the boltgun epic compared to the autocannon? there is no true difference between, except the capacities each weapon type offer. Heavy is more about conditions added to damage, but what else? Have I to wait to get the Heat skilltree in order to really benefit from flamer, not before? That PR is the same, okay. That damage is the same, I don't think it represents well the stuff. I'd like to feel the difference between 2 guns, a rifle and a heavy weapon. That explains to me why I do choose this option and not another, not just based on actual PR, so.


Whatever the number of monsters we kill, whatever the number of relics we discover, or we just speed thru the masses to kill the 3 targets of a mission, the reward is already known before the start. There is no bonus to clean a map or just speed it. It's not what stops me to explore every places on the map. I can't stop but enjoy to kill enemies over enemies. But some kind of reward could be thought. I don't speak of fate (but it's still the best reward you could give), but more chance to get a relic, if over 90% of monsters are dead. Or even craft (normal or rare) mats. So again you have the choice, to stop the mission once primary objectives are achieved, or deal with secondaries to get more stuff. Each kind of player is rewarded, then. 


 - The camera has already been discussed but just a note about. It would be easier, even if it's getting easier to manipulate by time, to have the camera turning directly with the hero. I don't speak about an FPS view, but since you allow us to move the point of view, adding an option to make it active with the hero would be great.
 - Sentinel Armor gives towers. Limited to 3 on the battlefield. If there are 3 active turrets on the map, we can't call another one. And they don't always self destruct. Would be better that any new one make disappear the first that has been called. Like towers for Heimerdinger in LoL, or Sentries of demon hunters in Diablo3.
 - During a Hunt, if the "boss" moves too far from its spawn point, he goes back to that point and regenerates completely. In Yellow/Red missions while fighting a chaos dreadnought, with little to no place, it's a need to take some distance to recover a little or just escape a deadly attack. It's greatly unsatisfaying to see the boss going back to its spawn point and be completely healed.
 - Shareloot in party should be available. The stuff you loot could profit to other players in the party, at least. Once I am stuffed, I prefer to give my residual loots for others who could take benefit of them.
 - Comparing stuff with other players could be great. It would help for giving advice to newbies based on their stuff, it could help them have an idea of to what going in the end, a possibility at least.
 - linking stuff in a discussion.
 - Decors. I have a big issue with decors. I don't get why I can walk on tons of metal, but can't pass on iron wires, left from the broken barriers. And this complicates my life a lot, to be honest :D


As told in introduction, your game is already amazing :) thx for that. 

07/10 : added COOP & PARTY
09/10 : added CABAL - MISSIONS REWARDS - WEAPONS - other minor points

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