unaccessible Loot Box


On a deathworld map I found a loot box that was located in front of a stationary weapon emplacement. Clicking on the loot box accomplished nothing, the loot box cannot be opened.

I left that part of the map and came back later, the destroyed stationary weapon emplacement had been removed by the games clean-up routine, but the loot box was still inaccessible.

This effect seems to be similar to the Invisble Obstacle bug with Stationary Weapon Emplacements. Although the emplacement is no longer visible, it still affects gameplay, not all of its features have been removed by the clean-up.

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unaccessible Loot Box
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4 years 12 days ago

Here we have another one, this time a supply box:

It is too near to the column, it cannot be opened because there is no space left to display the content on the ground.

4 years 38 days ago

one more

4 years 38 days ago

I have found the same issue on Nurgle maps as well.

4 years 39 days ago

Yes, indeed, but some patch notes include the changing of chest placements to avoid this. Obviously they did not catch all...

4 years 39 days ago

I found another one, no screenshot needed as it would accomplish nothing...

During an indoors cabal extermination Mission we came upon a chest that could not be opened.

All chests seem to have a side from where they are opened, and this chest stood with the 'opening side' to the wall.

4 years 39 days ago

This bug is with us a very long time and it was, I believe, reported on Mantis several times. Includes chests, supplies etc and usually Nurgle floor-thing (but others do exist)...

4 years 40 days ago

And yet another one:

4 years 41 days ago

Here is almost exaclty the same situation as described in my original posting:

4 years 42 days ago

Another one from me

Taken on Mon Sep 04 2017 at 20:35:33

4 years 43 days ago

I have another one, this time a supply chest:

4 years 44 days ago

Screenshot taken on Mon Sep 04 2017 at 13:08:16

Acc Name: Sigsauer

Char Name: Felroth Gelt

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4 years 47 days ago
Hello, thanks for the detailed report!

The next time you find something like this, be sure to post a screenshot with the minimap open! Thanks a lot :)