Ill start by pointing out some glitches:   I have yet to finsih a mission without the game freezing completely.  Today was the longest i played i tried windowed mode it worked better but still crashed.  Before i crashed i was on the space station mission and in the large room was a circular chasm with a tower coming out of it.   in this room was many glitches such as: bodies freezing dead in standing position, enemies walking trough the corners of walls, and the physics on the Gibbing (a body blowing up into chunks) did not fall in the areas of depth and did not fall down the chasm.but merely lay on the surface as if it were glass.  These are some of the glitches hope this helps.

On the creative side of things i think you are doing a marvelous job of the physics and the art style, but one thing truly bothers me and i feel i have to express it.  It is with the gibbing!! It happens too frequently and it is a weak gib at that.  For humanoid creatures, cultists and soldiers there should only be the deaths where bodies fall from the bolter fire with blood spitting out or a limb here or there being blown off which you do accomplish.  The gibbing that happens all too frequently should be reserved for super powerful weapons and when it happens it should look more like a body blowing up not shards of pink ice sickles appearing from a blood bucket drop.  Im sorry i love this game so far i just want it to be as good as it can be that is why im saying all this.   Not to compare to the physics of Diablo 3 but you should try to get as close to this as possible.   I will be posting any other bugs i see or any physics

flaws i may see.  

   More things to note! On my last play through which just ended in a freeze.  Reaction of gun turrets special is very slow turrets are searching for targets that are right in front of them.!

Does not necessarily freeze evrey time you change weapon but i definitely dont advise it.  When it freezes i always have to ctrl alt del and then sign out to fix it.   clip zones are not set on the walls ie :large walker (forge world model cant remember name)  fell through the wall instead of smashing into it.    The gibbing on the nurglings and swarms is perfectly acceptable but not on space marines and dreadnaughts and mutants and cultists anything barring a missle directly to them should not cause gibbing!!! please promise me the gibbing will change or stop in later development lol its so generic and cheap looking on this awesome game.

I totally realize that this is alpha and things will change so never think of this as bitching only as helping :):)   except the gibbing pleassssssssssssssss change that!!!!!!!!

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7 years 126 days ago
Glad you are enjoying it as much as I am.  They are aware of all the issues you posted and are working on them.  :)