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Only right music
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1 year 334 days ago
This comment was deleted 1 year 331 days ago by Jim Fox
6 years 309 days ago

As much as I love the idea of taking Carl Orff into the space age I can appreciate the difficulties of making it fit. The chaos gate music was great for sitting and thinking about stuff, but it was such a chilled game to play and a zillion miles from being action orientated.

Love the idea of zazzing up orchestral stuff to make it fit into 40k. But I guess the melody is always going to be consistent no matter how many bells, whistles and lazers you add though. Cheers for the response! Would love to see an article on how these tracks are generated.

6 years 309 days ago

To slow and to classic medieval orchestra music.

This kind of music is outdating today (my personal opinion) we want fresh up to date style and unique feel for our game.

!!!!Professional composed OST indeed!!!!

 I think its not fit to our game. It is perfect for a heroic slow gameplay and thinking game.. rts or turn-based games like Chaos Gate (1998)

6 years 310 days ago

While a bit slow it can work as an ooc theme though I can imagine a heavy and impactful sound design for combat to make pretty much most music work.

Another thing to keep in mind is that medieval chant music can be stylized in quite a frantic and energetic way Carl Orffs interpretation of the Carmina Burana comes to mind here.

Thematicly the IoM should have at last a few energetic battle chants.

The "Fede Imperialis" could also be turned into quite the awsome tune.

6 years 311 days ago

do agree that some plain chant music is a nice "feel" - I do wonder how well suited it is to an action ARPG though. It certainly was well placed in chaos gate but that was a turn based, something to consider.