Omnicron's Code Crafting doesn't combine.


Code Crafting under Omnicron's Forging heading hasn't been working for me for a month or more.  The tree has been researched, I have the funds and lesser Psalms available.  When I press the combine button I hear the sound of money changing, or some other kind of audio feedback, yet nothing happens.  What's going on?  I've tried multiple different combines, nothing works.

I fear Omnicron is a heretic in desperate need of a purge.


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Omnicron's Code Crafting doesn't combine.
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1 year 76 days ago
I've had issues with this too, when trying to combine shards.  It works some of the time, but it's pretty random.  The seasonal Inferno shard seems to be the hardest to get working.

Additionally, is it by design that seasonal drops (fire-themed items) can't be Salvaged?  I have duplicates of a couple of them, wouldn't mind getting some Sparks instead.