I need to link my new email. I am unable to get rid of my old. In with new, old out.


I have JUST recently changed my email. I now need to LINK my new one and get RID of my old one which is no longer in use and somehow still connected within my game

I go to my Acc Settings here, and choose to UNLINK. Since I need to LINK my new one. Now I see my only options here is link to Facebook. And Steam is NOT present here at all, for some reason, for me after I clicked Unlink.

Do I need to specifically DEACTIVATE my Account here, to be able to make a linking with my new email now?

I try to click UNLINK within the game, to be able to LINK with my new one, but it does not matter how many times I click YES, when prompted to: Are you sure you want to bla, bla. I click YES, and YES. But nothing happens. The old mail is sticked, and can´t get rid of it.

is it correct of me to specifically Deactivate my Account on this site in order to make my new link within my game (to get RID of my old one) to properly work? I need to be sure of this before I F up.

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137 days ago
Ok, did as you said. Sent email just a couple hours ago.

And my Neocore Accs here already changed to the new, verified and everything, and that is supposed to be just like it is.

137 days ago
We can handle this on our end. Please let us know in an email your ingame account name, your old email, the new one and if you want to change your Neocore account's email to the new one as well. We await your reply - [email protected]