Nvidia G-Sync Support in VH Final Cut?


I just installed VH Final Cut and can't get nvidia g-sync to work. I've tried various video options, including v-sync on/off, force 32-bit, directx 9/11 and opengl, but nothing seems to enable it. However, g-sync is working in VH1.

BTW, I know it's not working since the g-sync indicator does not appear in-game. The indicator does show in VH1.

Any suggestions?


I managed to get g-sync working with VHFC. I had to go into the Nvidia control panel and enable g-sync for "windowed and full screen mode". I verified it's working by turning on the "g-sync indicator", which appeared while running the game.

I have the full screen window style enabled in VHFC. Evidently, Nvidia considered the game to be in windowed mode.

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Nvidia G-Sync Support in VH Final Cut?
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