Gallowsbog finished but cannot enter ink gate



I finished the 'boss fight' in Gallowsbog, they disappeared and I then exited the game after going back to the village to sell my loot. I logged back in today and they have reappeared but I cannot speak to them or fight them and I cannot access the ink gate although that is what my 'quest' is. 

I have the final cut edition, and I have tried the patch /FixQuest 12 but it does not work. Added to this, I now cannot 'report a bug' as it won't let me log into the browser that pops up (although I could log on here fine).

I know I'm not that far along, but I would prefer not to have to completely redo it. Anyone got any idea how I can get this fixed?

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Gallowsbog finished but cannot enter ink gate
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