NPC Knockdown ability


So getting bashed to the floor is a reasonable thing, however i think in the latest patch npc's are able to keep you down way too much. My 1st mission with the new patch i died 3 times because i was constantly being knocked onto the cant doing anything when this happens repeatedly.

As annoying as it is its also not fun, and no fun pretty much equates to not playing.

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NPC Knockdown ability
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7 years 112 days ago
Had the same issue, in my last couple of missions. 

1 mob with rockets, knocked me down everytime. The only chance  I had to kill him, was due to his next attack not knocking me over, because I was still getting up at the time. 

Then I had about 1 sec too do some damage and then on my ass again.

Wasn`t fun  at all.

7 years 112 days ago
Indeed, I agree. We'll make a note of this for the next update.
7 years 112 days ago
Same here