Thunderstrike leap bug - frozen character


Hi there,

So I've tried the new patch and apparently it kind of broke Thunderstrike leap skill. From times to times, when leaping on an object (not happened on mob yet) your character get frozen until he dies.

Nothing to do, swapping weapons, moving, hitting or using skill is impossible. 

And while I'm here, there also an issue with the Jetpack skill. If you try to jump on an enemy who's too far away, your character wont walk before jumping, he'll simply jump on himself but the landing animation still appears on the enemies.

At last, coop seems not to work at all, you can start a map but then it simply stop working somehow.

Hope this helps!



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Thunderstrike leap bug - frozen character
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6 years 286 days ago
We are aware of this issue and it will get fixed soon.