Non effective Skills/ suggestion


Magos Biologis Secrets.

I think this skill tree is designed for the tank players....

Non the less right now its pretty usless compared to the other skill trees.

Some of the skills just give 30 suppression points or 30 health..... 

I have 4700 health and 4915 suppression points, as a hero lvl 17 with green tier 1 items.....

This has no effect at all. i would rather have +3% max hp or + 3% max suppression points. This would also scale into late game.

Futhermore i would like to have some regneration of suppresion points in this skill tree. instat +30 points suppression -> +30 points regeneration of suppression.

I mean whats the use of this Tree if i cant do whats suppossed to do. Zero suppresion points mean i get knocked down all the time....

Also another skill "Shock impulse"   get 5 Suppresion points back for every deflect.

I have 21% deflect. So i get these quite often. But this has absulutly no value. I tested it like 30 Range units are hitting on me. And they do more Suppression dmg then i get back of those. And if i transfer it to % its a joke. 5 suppresion points are 0,001% it should be added up to atleast 0,5% to make it usefull. Also "Pain Suppression" needs a overhaul, all the values in this skill tree are so minor, it would be better if i had skilled a dmg tree....

I hope my feedback was kinda  helpfull , (im sorry if i wrote it to dissapointed)

Kind regards


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Non effective Skills/ suggestion
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7 years 135 days ago
I think you've got a solid point that flat numbers will always fail to live up to % boosts, especially since we're seeing numbers in the thousands early game. I'm mostly okay with the relatively low %'s on these since they all stack, but I admit it sounds pretty underwhelming most of the time.

Then you get to something like one of the Marks and there's a clear benift to it. Take the ranged tree's 'you move faster for 3 seconds after you use a burst attack' for example. That's not a huge benefit (esp because of the duration) but you know when it's working or not.

Look at stats themselves, until you hit the 5 point threshold in something, your gains are forgettable they're so low. But at least they're % most of the time.

Hopefully things will eventually trend more that way. Unless there's a 'base value(modifier)' system in place I'm not aware of, where getting that flat +30hp will come out to much more after all the modifiers are applied. But since it doesn't appear to be that way, yeah it needs revision.

7 years 135 days ago
Not that much to add. 

I honestly think they skill tree that there is now will be scrapped and hopefully a more meaningful one will be born from it.
Honestly it feels more like a place holder for future skills then an actual working skilltree.

If this is going to be the skill tree then I hope they will make meaningful interesting and good skills with enough synergy to experiment!