No sir, I don't like it.


I purchased this game on PlayStation 4 at least a month before the end of warp surge season, Play 80+ hours. My season Crusader ended the season at level 86. On PS4 the game has a bad framerate, can and has crashed for me at least once, And forced online to play solo. All this and I still logged in 80+ hours and enjoyed myself. New update and a approaching new season and now I have to make a account here JUST TO PLAY (Neocore's wording in the prompt) on ps4. why? are there gonna be rewards? is there any reason at all to make an account here that benefits me in the game?

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No sir, I don't like it.
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1 year 23 days ago
The issue has been fixed (no account is required once again, this was a mistake on our end, sorry for that).