No Paysafecard?!


Paysafe card not available in 500+ Payment methods?? lol 

After i had to make 4 Accounts on Neocore and finally managed it with some Help from the Dev`s, I still can`t buy the Game because there is no Paysafecard Option... This Sucks badly!    Since i had no Account, i had no chance to see what Options for Payments you have. This is only available after making an Account. 500+ and no Paysafecard Option, wow?!

Neocore please add this option! (Maybe it would have been easier for you and the rest of the people if you made Founder on Steam

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No Paysafecard?!
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7 years 95 days ago
Send a mail to [email protected] with your primary account and I will verify it for you manually.