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Hi Neocore, first of all, loved the season and your game in general, especially as a big 40K fan. The only thing thats really stressing me out as an perfectionist is that they are so many rewards and cosmetics from previous seasons that are no longer available. Especially cherubs are awesome in my opinion but I've so many locked up items here and there, its a shame :( So my feedback/suggestion here is that you make these rewards available again, like for favours as an examaple, like you did it with the skull helmet (forgot the name). Its only fair for those who cant be ingame all the time to have a chance to grab awesome stuff afterwards, if you have to grind for it so be it but at least you dont miss anything. Halo MCE as an example does that with their seasons and I think its such an amazing idea. Please consider this option, I'm sure many players would love to have this! 

The emperor protects.

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No longer available ingame items
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1 year 188 days ago

We haven't yet discussed the matter but we will do so on the coming weeks. 

1 year 188 days ago
Hi, any update about the topic? :-) Will we be able to buy the items in the near future? Thank you and take care
1 year 212 days ago
Well, can at least say for sure that on Console there are these 2DLCs with Skull Footprints and this big Statue. These are not available on PC, and never been. maybe one day they will be. I don´t know.

I at least know I would like to have this Statue on my Deck though.

1 year 214 days ago

I can understand about the founding bonuses. Sad though not to get the Torch Skull and Wraithful Cherub :-) But it would be amazing to see the "non founding" items back in the game. 

For me these items are: 

Cherubs: "Cherub", "Repentant Cherub"

Emotes: "Salute", "Skulldust emote"

Decorations: "Ascetic of the Emperor"

Footprints: "Skull trail" 

If you would add the seasonal Avatar Frames and Commendations too, that would make my life perfect!

Several of these are available to buy in the playstation store, it would be cool (and fair) if passionate pc-players like us would also have the option to get these, like I wrote before I would even buy them as a dlc I wouldn't care. 

Thanks again for the support!

1 year 215 days ago

I'm on PC and the non-founding ones that are locked for me are:

1 - Salute - Emote

2 - Ascetic of the Emperor - Decoration (not sure if this is console only, saw it the the console DLC shop)

Hope other people can add to the list as I'm not aware of most event and seasonal cosmetics that I may have missed.

Thank you so much for all your support in trying to get these to us.

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1 year 215 days ago

There are several cosmetic items:

1. Those, which were available during the Founding period. Consequently, these won't be available once again.

2. Those, which can be acquired through DLCs. Naturally, these are still available (can get them for Fate points on PC)

3. The ones, which appeared as rewards for events, tier objectives etc.

As a result, the third group is the only one which we can consider to bring back. Can you all name any item which you would like to see in Rebus' store?

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1 year 217 days ago
Asked that myself, there's not really a wiki site with all the missed content on it. 
1 year 217 days ago
Hi, I agree with OP regarding this.

It's understandable if founding bonuses are not available, but all other cosmetics should be available through Rebus (Even seasonal cosmetics after the season has ended, at a high Favor price). That way buying the complete edition would feel complete.

BTW, is there any list available of all cosmetics in the game? I don't even know how many I'm missing. 

1 year 218 days ago
Well I can understand about the seasonal rewards like the frames, its a shame but understandable. Maybe you can "recycle" the old seasons should you dont wanna make new seasons somewhere in the future? 

What I really think should be available are the skulls and cherubs - just because they are so awesome and there are so many I'm not able to get, what pains me as a big fan of your game. I love the cosmetic items and its just a shame to lock from your fans. Even if I'd have to grind for hours or even pay for them. 

Btw. I really love that you're so open about changes and player feedback about your game, this is so very important in my opinion. Thanks for that!

1 year 219 days ago
Hi, was wondering about ther same question, im not exactly a founder but I've been with you for three years since the alpha and I really like the Torch Skull companion which is not available anymore, would be great if you could make it purchasable fro Rebus somehow..keep up the good work
1 year 220 days ago
This is a hard question, as we have to consider those players who stuck with us over the years, especially the ones who joined us during the Founding period before the release of the game. The cosmetic items included in the various tiers will not likely to be available ever again.

But if you name a few items which you miss I can look around if any of them could be brought back in any way or not.