Can't add either exe to Nvidia Control Panel due to the comma in the game's folder path


after further research, i have discovered that this issue is caused by there being a comma in the folder path. specifically the comma in the "40,000"

this comma makes it so the exe cannot be added to nvidia control panel. 

this limits a player's ability to modify and tweak their graphical settings for the game.

is it possible to modify the game's installation name so this comma is not used?

i removed the comma from the game's folder, and am now able to add the game in nvidia control panel. however, i can no longer launch the game from steam and instead have to launch from the exe directly. not exactly an ideal scenario. 

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53 days ago
I'm afraid this won't be changed as by removing the comma would result in conflicts with the installed folder's name on every player's PC. We won't discard the suggestion but it's not likely that we will find a final solution.