No daily Objectives


I notice that I no longer have any of those daily objectives that would appear in the top right corner of the screen; I have completed them as they appeared.
Is this a design decision that after a period of time they are no longer available or a bug?

Cheers. :)

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No daily Objectives
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7 years 59 days ago

Ah a bug, then. Thank you.

7 years 60 days ago

That's good to know! Thank you Kastagrar.

7 years 60 days ago
Evil Beard

Had posted this problem some time ago, and Megapull answered that i am unlucky or maybe a bug. :)

He passed it on to the team

7 years 60 days ago

In the same vein of problems, I am experiencing a stuck quest (Kill 50 Chaos SMs, it is stuck at 48/50 although I've killed more than 20 of them since that 48th dude). 

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