Fate and Glory explained (vid) + Short rant

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Fate and Glory explained (vid) + Short rant
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6 years 8 hours ago
Airsick Hydra

Sorry, that one will not wash. Born Hyde Park Corner you see!

Nice try though lol
BTW Tarot cards originated in Italy

This comment was edited 6 years 8 hours ago by Grey Knight
6 years 12 hours ago
Grey Knight

ok i just listened back - it's the london accent xD nothing else.... it's very very common here to not include or emphasis the final T in words unless you want to sound falsely "posh" - so words like that, carrot, hat, etc all skip the T and have a much much softer t instead. 

The french are allowed to skip letters, why aren't we xD equal rights!!

6 years 12 hours ago

HAHA must be somethign to do with my EQ settings that reduce the T perhaps, I can assure you I know how to say the word tarrot :D - i'll look into this

thanks for commenting - my regular audiophile xD

6 years 19 hours ago

First off, it is good to hear the sound back towards what it was.

I am only 5 minutes into the video as I type this but, I am sorry I have to point out this out as for some reasons it is driving me nuts; the word 'tarot' is pronounced 'tarrow' as in marrow with the second T being silent, it is not a variant of a carrot! lol
Regardless, back to the video. :)

6 years 1 day ago