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Let us introduce a new Sketchfab model, one the Gobblers. Viktor, our Narrative Designer explains who they are:

"Gobblers are small, but extremely hostile mutants, native only to the Caligari Sector. According to the data collected by the Tech-savants of the Adeptus Mechanicus, their origins can be traced back to the extremely unique background radiation caused by the infamous Caligari Warpsurges, those minor Warp-flares that result in periodical local anomalies in each system of the Sector. Gobblers infest Hive Cities and Void Stations, wield crude weaponry and live in cannibalistic feral tribes."

Gobbler by Neocore Games on Sketchfab

You can rotate, zoom, inspect as you like, and conceive a plan to destroy. Usual stuff.

Let us know what you think!

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New Sketchfab Model: Gobbler
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6 years 93 days ago
Looks good even if the mouth glitches a bit.
6 years 69 days ago
My thoughts on this? Nice little fella. Maybe he wants to be my friend.