Shooting in motion.


Hello. I would like to make some suggestions for review.

1. Shooting in motion. The game will become more dynamic. Now the whole game is in tactics: a shot-ran away.

2 Increase the range of the flamethrower slightly. Animation of fire hits the enemy, but the damage does not go away.

3 To improve the turret in the AI plan. Turrets in the game are silly.

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Shooting in motion.
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6 years 98 days ago
1. It's an ARPG and not a Twinstickshooter. ARPG'S have the stop and go forever.

2. Never had a Problem with it but I'll surely take a look sounds like a bug if it's true.

3. What's silly about turrets? They shoot stuff... done ^^. What's the problem exactly?

As always thx for the input, the more feedback the better, no matter in what state of the game. Maybe Neocore will change some more stuff after release :D.