New DLC:

Occult Siege



There's a new DLC available for the PC version of Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr, and the title is: Occult Siege!

A secret base of the Inquisition has come under attack by Chaos forces. The strategic importance of this location requires a certified agent to take command and organize defences until relief forces arrive.

This DLC contains a special Priority Assignment. An investigation has its own plot and consists of a series of new missions. Upon completing the Assignment, you will be rewarded with a unique Tarot card. (Please note that this assignment is only available after unlocking the Agartha Subsector.)

The DLC can be purchased on Steam and on the Neocore Store for $2.99, but alternatively, you can spend 1200 Fate points and obtain it from the in-game store.

Additionally, Patch 1.3.1 is also live, read the full patch log here.

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New DLC: Occult Siege
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1 year 92 days ago
Yes, both DLCs will be available for console players as well!
1 year 93 days ago

This DLC will one day be available for Console players as well, yes.

The Corrosive Footprints will not be available for Consoles... I hope.

You have your footprints already, we PC players don´t. You really need more?

Anyways, yes. It will come one day. I think the Console versions comes 2 or 3 months after PC release, if I´m not mistaken.

1 year 94 days ago

Roadmap in the menu might give some answer?

1 year 94 days ago
Will this DLC & the corrosive footprints be available for Xbox one users anytime soon?