[PS4] Framedrops when encountering Elite Blood Slaughter Impaler


I am having an issue when I encounter Elite Blood Slaughter Impaler enemies, serious framedrops start to happen. I am playing on a PS4 Pro.

It only seems to happen when I am in combat with the Elite Blood Slaughter, it does not seem to occur on fighting any other enemies.

I have uploaded two clips with the issue here and here.

Please let me know if you need more info from me to investigate this issue.


There also seems to be a bug when assigning 25 points to toughness on my crusader, it makes the game unplayable with massive lag/framedrops

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[PS4] Framedrops when encountering Elite Blood Slaughter Impaler
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2 years 1 day ago

its happens on highground location, like a Tropospheric Platform or the City as in your video. when this boss launches a wave to the edge of the surface i guess

2 years 2 days ago
So far I have not been able to reproduce the issue. I have fought the same enemy several times now on several maps and  had no more fps issues