New DLC:

Maelstrom of Carnage



There's a new DLC out for the PC version of Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr. It's title is Maelstrom of Carnage.

An unfortunate Imperial world has been overrun by Chaos Daemons. Exterminatus is not yet possible, so selfless sacrifice is needed to keep the tide from spiraling out of control. Are you willing to descend amidst the Daemonic hordes and call orbital strikes while you are fighting down there - for the sake of the Imperium of Man?

This DLC contains the Void Station Fortress of the Valorous Heart as a Starmap location, home to a brand new game mode that comes with its own leaderboard. You can find the Fortress of the Valorous Heart in the Clamoris system in the Triglav Subsector. (Please note that this Starmap location is only available after unlocking the Triglav Subsector.)

You can buy the DLC on Steam and the Neocore Store for $2.99, or alternatively, you can purchase it in the in-game store for 1200 Fate.

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New DLC: Maelstrom of Carnage
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