Champion of the God Emperor (no mercy perk)


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today with the Psyker the perk no mercy unlocked and found that this is only for the crusader.

why is it not displayed as for the other benefits for different class of unlocked. 

why is not such a complex perk for all classes if you can not unlock it for all classes.(3 times the week 800 fame and 5 times)

Had I known that before, I would have saved the trouble.

perk effect:

Concentration does not recharge with time.

if at least 5% of the max. LP will be dealt damage by a single hit, 30% concentration will be recharged.

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Champion of the God Emperor (no mercy perk)
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2 years 106 days ago

Please note that every class has its own class-specific perks which are quite powerful and to have the classes equally balanced we decided to bound the mention perk to Crusader only.

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