Mobile Optimization & Updates


With the new Neocore WebSystems Update, we can finally start testing our mobile and tablet-friendly versions of our pages! This feature is now available on the Community pages and it is currently in Beta state. But we have more things to show so let’s review the other changes:


  • Completely new menu system: Horizontal slider, optimized for mobile and tablet devices
  • Mobile optimization of the Community Hub (Beta): Registration, logging in and using our community hub are now much easier on mobile devices thanks to the new design
  • Upgraded Notification System (Beta): New features, including a detailed personalization system, where you can set up alerts for highlighted posts, comments and a lot more. This system is still in beta though with more features coming in the near future
  • Mention System (Beta): Across all our community pages, simply use "@" in the comments (e.g.: @Tender@Megapull or @Morzan) to notify other users or devs. From time to time we'll use "@COMMUNITY" to notify everyone about important news. This feature can be personalized as well
  • Introducing the "Neocore Messenger"! You can open up the Messenger when you click “Contact Us”. You can find it on all sites at the bottom/footer. Our colleagues will try to answer all requests whether it's feedback, bug report, support, or something related to purchasing a product in our store or on Steam


  • Now you can link comments too! Simply click on the date (which can be found at the top of every comment) where you can see, when the comment was created
  • Fully redesigned and updated scrollbar-system
  • Minor UI/UX updates
  • Minor bug fixes


In the following weeks, we will bring the mobile and tablet optimization for our other pages too (e.g. your profile page, Neocore Store etc.). We would like to thank you all for your patience!

So, what are your thoughts? Feedback is essential for us to improve this website, so share your opinion without hesitation!

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NEOCORE WEBSYSTEMS V0.38.3 Mobile Optimization & Updates
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6 years 262 days ago

Finally! \0/

6 years 261 days ago

Thank you!

1 year 148 days ago
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316 days ago
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5 years 333 days ago
If I click on Neocore Messenger nothing happens.
1 year 133 days ago
This comment was deleted 1 year 129 days ago by Jim Fox
5 years 333 days ago
Strange, if may I ask; what kind of device are you using when the messenger don't show up for you?
5 years 333 days ago
Jim Fox
The latest FF. 61
5 years 333 days ago

I just double checked this with Firefox v61.0 (64 bit) for you and it works for me as intended. Maybe it's a cache problem, so please try out the "CTRL + SHIFT + R" keyboard combo a few times to rebuild your browser's local cache data or maybe our messenger's script is blocked by a FF ad block plugin, but it's just a tip.

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