Bug report multiplayer launch


Failed to lauch when playing multiplayer missions

This issue had cussed us to grey out certain missions on vpid crusade.

Do we know if this is being looked into and fixed as this issue has persisted for a while now.

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Bug report multiplayer launch
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230 days ago

We have been playing on xbox one x, using the ultimate and regular edition.

Yes unfortunately we have had this across 4 VC total now, I know the most recent one we had this issue was thr red one, apologies I forgot the base, I know a other 2 where ivory and azure.

My account name should be o demon knights

I don't knownif it helps, bit we had this issue over multiple characters as well 

Thank you for your help

230 days ago

Hey, could you provide me with some more info please? What platform are you playing on? Has this happened with multiple Void Crusades already? Which VC was it you guys did? Could you provide me with your account name? Thanks for any and all clarification.

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