NEOCORE - All your bugs are belong to us


We must make it easier to report bugs than  creating a new topic on your forum. Ideas? 

#1 Mini-greenies hunt me and I swapped weapon. / Blackscreen while audio still running.

#2 Enter boss room, they saw me and started engaging and suddenly -> / Blackscreen while Audio Still running.

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NEOCORE - All your bugs are belong to us
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7 years 152 days ago
Yeah, that bug seems to be pretty common. I've yet to finish a single mission without encountering it. For me, it occurs only when swapping weapons. Tried on both low/medium graphic settings, different weapons, borderless windowed/fullscreen, vsync/frame limit on/off. Seems to have no effect whatsoever on how often this bug occurs to me. 
7 years 152 days ago


Same bug - while fighting with boss (for example Nurgle Dreadnought) the game crashes: no black screen, but picture is freezed, audio stiil playing sounds of battle, kayboard not responding, interface elements clicks has no effect (only cursor still can be moved).

Video options set to low quality.

only ctrl+alt+del helps to close the game :(

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7 years 152 days ago
Does the boss room hang occur after updating the game to V0.1.1 ? 

We are working out options for a bug tracker for the game. Until then, flag your posts as Bug Report and that way we can filter them.

Make sure to only report bugs that are not reported by others.