Bugs and Balancing thoughts


Amazing job so far, by the way. Really think this could be a really great game.

Reporting for visibility

Each time I've finished a mission I've sat at the loading screen for circa 3 minutes before cancelling out. At least once I had an error message about not being able to load something (i'll capture the message next time)

Equipping items I've purchased - on multiple occasions the items appear to have just disappeared after equipping

Lots of hit box issues with dreadnoughts

Some balancing thoughts

The two Crusader power armour powers I've used (the missiles and the jump pack) activate way too slow, have a way too slow travel time and with the jet pack, upon landing it feels WAY too slow

Too many items don't have an attack / defence value, which means I've ended up with a way too low atk / defence values which reduces overall efficacy ... even though the items appear to be higher quality (green / blue). It seems to me to be a *very* strange trade off if that is the case. 

I like the differences between the chain and power weapons.

I feel like the shields could offer a little more in terms of defence - am I missing something RE blocking? I can't see to activate it if it is the case that you can block damage. 

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Bugs and Balancing thoughts
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6 years 226 days ago

Thanks for the feedback, I've added stuff to our bugtracker and suggestion section!