My view on whats going on with dev team(speculation)


Reason why i titled this "speculation" is due to the fact this community sadly has no luck with PR teams, if neocore even knows what PR stands for (highly doubt it).

To read the comments from loyal fans about waiting for 3 days for their customer support only to give up entirely as support seems to not even exist, means this people have clear goal. That goal is, like many other companies, take the money and run. This happened with many games over past decade. Best example would be Wolcen. 

Now this team of developers were originally given project to create one time deal single player game and masque it as a multiplayer. 1st few days and loyal but gullible fan base noticed that servers are not working properly. This is due to the fact dev team is forced to release this unfinished project without proper AB testing ,Q&A and all other measures that would secure smooth launch day.
This alone is telling about the intent of company as a whole. I hear allot of nonsense coming from IT guys about not being able to predict or secure server stability, that its somehow impossible to simulate realise day. Well like with everything in life you have average and above average people. Question is : is it probable that ALL the greedy companies lack the ability to vet their future employees or is it just money that plays the major part in the end quality of the product. Its probably mix of those 2 factors and then some. 

I understand casual gamers that are not very knowledgable in the business of game development or history of computer gaming. You just want to play the game for the story and then move on. If that is the case Isometric hack and slash arpgs are probably the worst genre for that kind of gaming. And real lovers of diablo, poe and other similar games know how to predict will the title succeed or not.

If W40K inqusitor martyr doesn't have trade system then there is no economy. If there is no ingame economy there is no complexity nor incentive for the player to stay and develop in game skills and grind gear over long periods of time. Only thing that remains is ladder that is somewhat meaningless if there is no big community to compete against. The game is soon deluded to just reaching lvl 100 and killing monsters on few different builds. When that is achieved people just quit unless the game offers new content that would last long enough to retain majority of playerbase. Since it's impossible to create new meaningful content for such small playerbase due to original project failed to retain playerbase, game dies. Its evident from the forums for past 4 years this community didn't make over 2000 comments. One average youtube video produces more comments and discussion than 4years of wh inquisitor, which is again telling of the failure of neocore gaming and their inability to validate this IP that has god knows how many fans all over the world and yet is unable to earn the money fans are willingly throwing at them. Seems to me that figures and table games is upper limit for his IP and that is just sad considering technology we have today.

And its exactly what neocore is telling you ... Buy the game and fuk off. 

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My view on whats going on with dev team(speculation)
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