some bugs/suggestions


-heavily armored tarot missions contain invincible enemies (had to abort mission)

-I'm getting intel Ordos rewards for vendors that are already at 300/300 (what's the point?)

-teleporter pathing is not good. Often, I cannot teleport over small obstacles, and elevation also messes things up.

-targetting enemies sometimes results in targetting inanimate objects (happens frequently on desert maps)

-you can shoot through the big doors (that take a while to open) before they actually open

-during Datahunt missions, when you're holding F, often, you get stuck, and you cannot shoot in order to stop "data hunting". When this happens, I have to dodge in order to regain control of my character.

-suppression on hit is not working properly

-surprise state bonus (2x multiplier found on armors) not working for teleporter or for the distortion field armor skill

-the distortion field does not slow down some projectiles by 95%. I often see some contact the field, and they just stop.

-the blue space marines that leap at you will jump at the location that you were at prior to teleporting/dodging/etc. They end up jumping at empty space. This looks very bad (from a lore/coding perspective).

-shooting at doors close-up results in the bullets passing through the impenetrable door. It looks as if there is no obstacle. There should be effects indicating that you're hitting the door, and not just air.

-grenade launcher space marines' grenades (the ones that detonate after a few seconds) will disappear if you kill the space marine. This does not make sense.

-need more in-game information about stats (eg, critical strength), and need more information about the RNG aspect of crafting (eg, show possible outcomes)

-Demon enemies need better death animation/effects/feedback. Their deaths feel very underwhelming.

-shooting up/down terrain sometimes doesn't work (read: can't hit enemies a few feet away)

-less of those obnoxious barbed wire fences that block your path

-option to quickly salvage relics (clicking on the relic and then moving the mouse cursor to click salvage gets tiresome)

-show the % improvements for tarot cards (this ties in to the need for more in-game information)

-make Archeotech relic enchants re-rollable using the red sparks

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some bugs/suggestions
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