Inoculator Booster Slot


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I have had an Ancient Relic Inoculator drop that in order to unlock one of the stats requires me to use "Booster Type Inoculator component" 100 times. Unfortunately, this item has no slot for the Yellow, booster effect modules. Is this a bug?

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Inoculator Booster Slot
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1 year 118 days ago
Thanks for the additional feedback, we will check this out!
1 year 119 days ago

I have had the same thing happen. I had the inoculator drop with a universal slot and no yellow slot. I used a yellow component in the universal slot. Everything unlocked in the enchants eventually. The counter wasn't changing from zero, but I did notice that eventually it did tick over and activate. It would seem that the counter still counts in the background but the display doesn't work? Either way, there is definitely something screwy going on with this.

1 year 121 days ago
Thanks for the report, we will check this out. This type of component should have at least one slot if there is such an unlock requirement on it.