My items disappear and some perks do not work; Coopmodus Extreme Bug´s


Hello Neocore, my items disappear randomly over and over again. one of my chars has even lost all his equipped equip. If this happened to my mainchar, I could not continue playing.

The Perk, (Designated Marksman) does not work!

In Coop mode you often fly out through crash's.
Positions of the opponents are not syncron.
After almost every mission, the collected items and rewards are gone.

The balancing is unacceptable. Can not do anything to normal opponents at the same difficulty level as before the patch.

please fix it, I want to continue playing the game.

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4 years 359 days ago

I once added 2 images 1 with equipped perk and one without

if I equip the perk, no critrate or critdmg increase is displayed. in my status values (despite the fact that I carry a ranged weapon) or in a running mission at least a buff symbol. 

no matter if coop or singelplayer.

4 years 361 days ago
The item loss issue was fixed, a patch will be released in an hour correcting the issue and refunding the items.

May we ask more details about the perk? It does not work in coop or solo either?

We will naturally balance the enemies/items etc upon increased feedback.

4 years 361 days ago
I am also experiencing equipment disappering randomly. Seems to happen when I am doing Tarot missions, where some of them is a bit glitchy (enemies frozen for 10-15 seconds before starting to move)