My impressions so far after a ton of hours in the game


First off let me say that i have put more hours in this alpha then i did in many AAA games i bought.
For an alpha its well polished and running amazing for me.

The bugs I reported so far has all been solved. The game is stable ( ish ) and i rarely crash.
So! Now time for some feedback in general!

Levels and environment:

The aesthetics of the game are incredible. The levels look like a 40K world, and the attention to small details is amazing.
I know there are only a handful of environments so far but i love them all.
Some minor clipping issues and glitches but nothing that can be called game breaking.


The weapons in general feel good to use. The environmental impact is great and the minor graphical bugs will be worked out in time.
The ranged weapons work well but the stats for some are a tad or way off.

* Multi melta and melta in general do not do enough armor piercing damage. They are made to cut through armor yet do not work well against for example dreadnoughts.

* The lascannon should do way more damage

* Grenade launcher is way to overpowered. Almost eternal ammo but i guess that will be fixed soon

Now the melee weapons need some work in my opinion.
Power sword and axe should be more armor destroying.
The speed of the melee weapons could be a tad higher as well.


I cannot say how much i love the models. They are all amazing and the size of the chaos marines is spot on.
Good enough diversity for now but i hope to see more soon.
The dreadnoughts are annoying to fight against but i hope the dismemberment system will make it more interesting.
Nothing to complain about!


As much as I enjoy this game i have to say the missions are a tad to long to be entertaining.
I like the diversity so far but make it a bit smaller.
Some minor bugs here and there but that is to be expected!


Aside from minor bugs and glitches i enjoy the living warp out of this alpha and i cannot wait to see whats coming along the road.
Thank you devs for your hard work and thank you for letting us test it and help you all.

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My impressions so far after a ton of hours in the game
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7 years 143 days ago
I throw my hat into the ring here, and I pretty much agree with the OP. You guys are doing an amazing job, and even though it's very early days I've found myself coming back to play again and again. This for me is about a genre that I love, meeting a setting that I love. That is to say ARPGs (especially isometric ones with exciting loot and skill progression) and SciFi. The universe however is new to me, I know next to nothing about Warhammer 40k. So I'll leave comments on the lore, enemy models etc to people who know their stuff. Except to say the enemies look great.

Two main points I really agree with is that Melee needs a lot of work, I love melee and I'm not finding it satisfying or fun. Secondly I agree that the mission times seem just a tad too long, after a while the excitement of the mission wears off and it's just playing to get it over with.

But like the OP I can't wait to see what's coming up. You guys are doing a great job and I'm really excited to be a part of the alpha process.

7 years 143 days ago
In agreement with the op here can't wait for more.
7 years 143 days ago
I agree with everything here, especially about melee combat. It definitely needs to be faster than it currently is.
7 years 143 days ago

If you ever want to know more about the lore just ask me.
I have spend more money on lore books then i did on well anything else in my life including booze :P

I own almost all black library books, forgeworld books and the pen and paper rpg books about warhammer.
Obsessive savant here in regards to lore :P