Frozen Model


My game has crashed like 3 times now within an hour. On my 3rd crash I reloaded up the game and was at the character screen, I noticed my Crusader model was stuck...loaded into game and the way my character was stuck on the main screen there were sliding in the stuck position, no animations of any kind.

Frozen Model

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Frozen Model
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7 years 116 days ago
I believe that this is a bug with dual wielding certain weapons, melee and ranged & shield and ranged. Not sure if there are any other broken combinations.
7 years 117 days ago

I too had this issue last night.

Equiped some new gear (Chainsword and Bolt pistol) and I no longer get any character animation, just a sliding model.
Also, the main character creation screen shows a rather confused if he doesn't know how to hold his sword