My first few bits of feedback


Hi there,

and first of all: im already in love with your game, keep up the great work! :)

After a week of binge-playing i thought i should give you some first feedback and ask some questions. Wont repeat to much of what i have already read elsewhere, unless i think its really important. So without further ado and no particular order:

- Melee/ranged unblanced: IMO ranged has it way easier in the game. Played a Cursader as melee and switched to ranged later on, and the difference is just too huge (cant say much to assa melee because i couldnt progress that char due to some (reported) itemization bugs). As melee you have to soak up way more damage and have not as good options for effective crowd-control. Especialy Crusader lacks a bit of maneuverability on top (the jetpack-jump-cooldown is rather long). You have to get in the middle of the action, and most mobs in this game are ranged, so they can shoot at you all the time while you have to close the gaps and kill them.

- "Mission complete"-Message blocks too much of the screen. That ones especially annoying as melee, when your still in the middle of the fight and kill the last target/warpgate/whatever and this huge, sight-blocking notification pops up in the middle of the screen while you still have targets all arround you (that shoot at you). Maybe move it more to the bottom/make it smaller/remove the background?

- Status-indicator on tougher foes would be nice. Right now there seems no way to really see if a target is stunned/slowed/etc. Would be nice if there would be some sort of visual indicator for it like you get on your own toon. (well, stunned targets seem to just stand arround like a puppet and take the beating, discovered that with my assassin)

- Regen on Dreadnought-retreat a bit too high. That can be a bit annoying if you already damaged them but had to flee/retreat and get out of aggro-range. They walk back to their starting-location and regen back up to full health sometimes. While i like it as measure so you cant cheese bosses to easily, it can be really annoying in some situations, especially if you play on higher challenge-ratings. 

- Rebel faction too powerfull. I think compared to the other factions that are in game right now the rebels are way OP. Especially Ogryns/Bulgryns and the Heavy Gunners seem to be really strong, but in general they are all ranged (except bulgryns, but even they have this ranged slam attack) and even the regulars seem to come in bigger packs as the other factions. This is most obvious if you play assassination-missions on a higher challenge-level: while i can do 100 or more points difference with the other factions without problems, i have to be close to the powerlevel of rebel-assassinations to have a chance at all. Story-placeholder-missions of that kind really were stopper-mission where i had to grind for gear/powerlevel first before i could go on.


- Eviscerators traumatize (main attack) not working? Either i didnt notice it or it wasnt working as i hoped, but monsters were happily attacking me while i was shredding them to pieces with the eviscerator-mainattack. Might be the supression-resistance was still up/too high and that was the reason?

- Are rewards random or influenced by sub-objectives/fullclear? Do you get more/better rewards from the lootbox if you e.g. successfully safe the Marines (they are squishy af btw :D), activate all shrines or if you clear the whole area? Since monsters give no xp and drops from them (except elites and such) are meagre, there is no real reason to fullclear a map if you dont have to (except maybe for the few chests that give crafting-materials). So, e.g., an assassin with the cloaking-armour can just rush the target on hunt/assassination missions and gets the same rewards as someone who has to slog through the mobs and kill most of them or even does a fullclear?

Ok, i think thats it for now. Will continue to collect what comes to my mind and cant await the next milestone :) as said in the beginning: keep up the great work. this game is really, really promising, and i really hope your going to make it as great as it could be! 



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My first few bits of feedback
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6 years 313 days ago

I agree the dreadnaughts and other elites can really suck if you don't smite them right away... and I agree the rebel faction can at times be a bit overwhelming to many grenades and heavy units in a single pull and forget it if 2 or 3 linked groups w/ several heavies and a few commanders all aggro at once :)

The Emperor protects 

6 years 314 days ago

Great writeup, thanks for the feedback! Will put it in our internal doc for the devs to see.