My feedback after comming back to 2.0.


Hi fellow Inquisitors (and hopefully some dev)

First of all, thanks a lot for the pach! The game went from "ok i guess.." to "freaking amazing!"

My 2 Cents about the campaign:
Main story (3.5/5): I played the campaign before the 2.0 patch, the story was amazing, im a long time 40k fan and could not stop playing. Nurgle is a really cool theme and it was well done, but it always felt something was missing. Maybe a more unique flair to the campaign bosses would do the trick.

Drukhari Meanace (2/5): It felt like it was build in a hurry, the environment does not seem to fit and the units were pretty boring.

Tide of Blood (5/5): This, oh boy, right on pair with D3 and others similar titles. Amazing units, very unique feeling, and even some animated scenes. I just love it!! II hope the devs manage to release the tyranid DLC in the same quality.

Things that feel great:

  • The Inocular is a really cool mechanic, distinctiv from everything i know.
  • Besides the complains from others, i like the skill three and how artefacts work, i managed to create many different builds (surely not every was top tier), and had a lot of fun trying and find synergies.
  • The atmosphere is right on the spot!
  • Being able to play the game with others is amazing, even better with the cabal system, giving buffs and rewards to everyone.
  • Melee feels really good in 2.0, as does the Flamethrower :P

Things that really need some fixing:

  • Leveling right now feels really slow.
  • Grenade Marines deal an disproportionately amount of damage.
  • Sentinels do take forever to kill, even if everything else dies in an instant.

Thinks that would be cool if added:

  • Please add a colored the circle under enemies shortly before they do a special attack (yellow for dangerous, red for deadly), other games have a similar mechanic and this really helps, especially if the screen is just filled with mobs. An example would be the Skullcrushers "Firestar", the Bullgryns "Charge", some Gunners "Rapid firing", or Grenade Marines "doing their thing".
  • Add a grenade marker or circle where grenade, or AOE skills in general, are about to hit. This is already implemented for some skills.
  • Maybe add an option to customize the Imperial Knight :P (with another DLC, i would buy it 100%).
  • There is an icon for every status effect like rend or shock, add this icon if you mention it in text, like the weapon description, the passive skill tree and even in a corner of the skill tree icon. It would make things far more readable and rememberable.


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My feedback after comming back to 2.0.
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341 days ago

We are glad you like the story and the various features. Your suggestions have been forwarded to our designers.

About the Marines. Can you recall their name? We will check on the unit as well as the sentinels.

We ran through the campaign in the testing phase and found the leveling quite fast but we may make changes upon a considerable feedback in this regard.