My experience with the game


Hello everyone ,

I'll be writing here about my short experience with the game the ups and downs of it and how it just felt.

The graphics of the game looks very it's not too graphical and it got bit of goth vibe to it which really fits the game nicely, The game maps and environment looking very nicely.

Regarding the music don't know if it because of alpha testing but there isn't really any background music and the background music it has right now is bit boring , The background music should be really gothic and explosive when you start a massive encounter, The sound of the game on the other hand is pretty good the weapon sounds really fit the mobs noise and explosive sounds are good as well.

The game shooting  and the combat experience for a Hack and Slash game is very fitting it doesn't feel slow or very heavy the addition of taking cover and break objects is fitting the combat very nicely , The problem I found with the combat it self with certain mobs like the big robot bosses that it enforced me to use certain weapons in the layout instead of playing with what I wanted due to the fact I had to take like "Plasma cannon" just to kill the big bosses otherwise I would had an encounter for 3-5m just with the boss , The weapons skills are pretty fitting but the aoe and single target of certain weapons needs to be bit adjusted (It is only alpha so it just a side not)

The mob encounters felt really repetitive it was always the same amount of mobs and same type of mobs in every corner or room it was the same so before even entering the room I already knew what I'm going to deal with which turns the encounter to just boring there amount of surprise encounters and "Special Environment" was lacking and most missions just felt the same completely , The RNG of the density and the mobs type should be worked on and add more special encounters or special mobs (like in diablo 3 unique , pack and elite) to make the fights more special.

Regarding the Gore you guys posted about I personally don't find it enough "Gore" the mobs should be more explosive it should look bit more graphical , The thing that was done right in diablo 3 (at least something they got right in that game) was the explosive and the gore of the death of mobs when you hit them with a massive explosion they all just blow away all over the screen they frozen or slashed apart it feels like you done it instead of just a normal death it intensifies the feeling of the kills completely.

Hope this is useful for you to make the game better and know what is good already.

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My experience with the game
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7 years 67 days ago
Good to know =)
7 years 67 days ago
Thanks for a detailed and well-written post!

Thankfully, a lot of your requests will be fulfilled over time  - Currently, there is a low amount of monster types in the alpha, there will be many more later on. Also, game balance is a constantly evolving process - we have noted your remarks :)