First mission playthrough - new build: observations and thoughts.


Just gonna do this bullet point style on what I think can be improved and what issues I ran into. Not in any particular order of importance.

1)Loot chests (supply crates) should highlight with the Alt key. sometimes they are easy to miss unless you are actively looking for them.

2)Key mapping doesn't seem to allow you to change the weapon swap key.

3) The boss fight, when he fired his big grenade gun, it was practically impossible to avoid. Dont know if character speed should be increased or the timer of his attack increased.

4) Do you remember the old Arcade game Smash TV? I think it would be nice to have separate move and attack options... Like you could strafe/forward/back using WASD keys while firing in the direction of the mouse simultaneously. The cover system is a bit clunky with the current way movement works.

5) Sometimes, particularly against the boss I fought against, skills that should let me target limbs didn't seem to work properly. The radial wheel did not show up at all when holding down the key and would just fire blindly like a normal attack.

6) After completing the mision and hitting accept, I got stuck on the loading screen and had to kill the process for the game in task manager.

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First mission playthrough - new build: observations and thoughts.
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7 years 131 days ago
Thanks for all the feedback guys, we are now working on these problems.
7 years 131 days ago
6) Got the same problem. Game freezes on loading screen after accepting to finish the mission. Music keeps playing. Could not switch to task manager on win10. Aftrer rebooting my system and restarting the game I get an error stating, that I'm already logged in and clicking 'reconnect' doesn't work either.
7 years 131 days ago

4) I concur entirely. With the cover system, having mouse-based movement feels wonky. I know that  we're in Alpha, so some of this is something that could be in the pipeline anyway, but more indications that you're in cover would be nice.

6) Every. Single. Mission. I've beaten two and left a third mid-mission (for testing purposes and totally not because I bit off more than I could chew), and I have never loaded back to the Rogue Trader ship. I lose all my loot and challenge progress, too.