my alpha feedback


In no particular order:

  • Game is TERRIBLY optimised - recources wasted on multi polygon architecture and some horrible shaders and other effects that dont do anything except wasting computers recources. 
  • Skills are unresponsive and clunky, targeting buggy.
  • Overall UI looks really bad and lowres. Minimap buttons are hard to see and have to zoom map out at the start of every level.
  • Crafting doesnt work (cant collect colmpleted items). Salvage all (by colour) makes you salvae your favourite gear aswell - since there is no way to "lock" the items youre using (make them not autosalvage). 
  • Button to salvage individual item is on the opposite side of the screen, so you have to drag cursor there and back to item if you want to salvage just a few items.
  • Finding a mission with mobs relevant to your daily quest is a pain since you have to zoom in to every single mission to see what kind of mobs inhabit it.
  • Overall gameplay is clunky, slow and unresponsive.
  • Levels are to bright and visibility reaches way to far - needs a darker atmosphere with limited visibility (darkness iluminated by a few lightsources on the walls and your characters light)
  • Map player indicator (the little arrow) is barely visible, and the map needs an option to be stationary (not rotate).
  • Large enemies like dreds return to their originar spawns and regenerate health when kited just a bit.
  • Boltgun sounds are terrible - really weak and thin.
  • The starmap for selecting missions needs to be more clear and have some sort of summary of available mision types and enemies inhabiting them
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my alpha feedback
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7 years 93 days ago

Thank you for your feedback! Note that the game is still in alpha state. So, a lot of things will be changed, fixed. 

The UI, skills, overall gameplay will improve for sure. And of course we are aware most of the bugs, so we are working hard to fix them - like the crafting bug.

7 years 94 days ago

Bit of a mix of feedback and bug reports :) might be easier to divide the two to make it a little easier to digest.

Agree partly with most points, but wouldn't go as far as using the phrases terrible and really bad :) - Might help to be specific with what you don't like about the UI - Remember we can help them improve this game, not just point out what we don't like! 

Good work.
7 years 94 days ago

Good points. Especially about the combat and star map useability.

Not too worried about optimization at this point but still worth nothing.

The combat thing is a big one. In an ARPG you don't want people decribing the combat as "Ok, I guess" , It really needs to be responsive and weighty.

7 years 94 days ago
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