Mute When in Background.



Love the game so far, super fun specially if you love Warhammer 40k.
I have one little feedback issue id like to get of my chest while i'm here :)
And that would really be a "Mute When in Background" 

Don't know if any else is like me, but i tend to play then i might watch some YouTube or do some work or whatever, then i have to turn down the Master Volume in order to not have the menu music playing constantly, sure it's easy to just turn it on or off really.
But to be honest, i feel like it's something all games should have and i really hate when they don't :)

Just a tiny feedback notion.


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Mute When in Background.
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5 years 179 days ago
Thats good to hear :)
5 years 180 days ago

Added to request list.