Music stop playing in some missions


Recently encountered this when in middle of story mission in Khorne region music don't playout(while all the fighting goin on don't bring much attention to it). In main menu and on bridge music plays,so i play few side missions and it play normally on most missions and only in few it stops after a while since start of the mission(maybe music loop/continuing fails).

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Music stop playing in some missions
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59 days ago
I've had it happen randomly on missions both Single and Co-op, campaign and random.  It's not just me, but happens with all of my friends that are playing too.  The music starts off in the mission just as fine as ever.  A couple of fights or so later, it just stops cold turkey and doesn't come back until we finish and get back to the command bridge.

We all three play on PC and have different builds, so it's not a hardware issue.  Please fix this ASAP!

2 years 246 days ago
Thank you very much for the detailed feedback, we will test a couple of similar maps with the mentioned units! 
2 years 247 days ago

I noticed for the first time(maybe it happend and earlier but sometimes when dozens of enemies shoot at me and all blown up across battlefield, I don't give to it much attention,but immersion suffers) when fought in the story mission, a Gaping Wound(First Khorne Story Ark) when it made my way to the warp gate with Gaius Thorne,music was playing 3-4 minutes, until I came and killed similar to the dreadnought unit Khorne(Bloody Executioner Impaler). After I performed with a some more missions of different orientation(in all of them music played),faced with a similar problem: the type of Siege mission,the type of enemies - the Rebel guards,the type of terrain-distant Islands,after 3-4 minutes the music was gone(but when i was fighting with the same mission type and terrain,but enemy was Nurgle all plays normal),another mission, too, the Siege,the enemy - the Rebel guards,the type of terrain-a Ruined City, after the start of the mission 3-4 minutes the music disappears.Played alone for a Crusader armed with a shield and a sword.

2 years 248 days ago

may I ask did this happen in specific parts of the game? Like same mission type, terrain, in coop only or so? That would be of great help to find the source of the problem!