Morify the Flesh Psyker Heroic Deed completion value does not increase


I am spamming shockwave in unhinged state all the time and I am clearly taking damage from using the skill. But the Heroic Deeds are still at "19.84k". Pretty sure I spammed it at least few dozen times per mission(and I did several missions with it), And To make sure I am "taking damage" I am doing this without shield on.

How to reproduce:

Use any 4 blessings to max out warp heat.(4 can be used but only 3 can be active. Warp heat will still be reserved regardless of active blessing.)

Use any psychic power to take damage.

Complete or quit the mission to track the heroic deed progression.

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59 days ago
Thank you for your help!
61 days ago
We marked the Heroic Deed as completed for you since it clearly glitched somehow.
62 days ago

As of now, I have leveled my new psyker to level 93 and Mortify the Flesh value have not risen by 10.(still stuck on 19.84k)
If Heroic Deed doesn't work, please just give stats to players.