Multiplayer Void Crusades / Morality Choices? Have Co-op issue been fixed?


I've posted this on Reddit as well, but I figured I'd ask here all the same.

I play on Xbox and i've recently come across some information while searching for some guides on the Tech Adept. I was going to start co-op game with a friend when i read there are issues regarding multiplayer. I'm baffled as to why Morality choices are done by the host only. I'm also baffled at how or why Void Crusades are single player only.

Then there are issues like Tech Adept players having a hard time playing with the other classes due to DLC restrictions in campaign and such. Which requires friends to play one of the older classes because they can't play with the Tech Adept unless they complete the Martyr campaign.

Have these issues been resolved? I'm dumbfounded as to why a game such as this one which clearly seems to be like Diablo and other ARPG have such limitations on multiplayer.

I'm really having a lot of fun with this game as i enjoy the designs and story as well as the atmosphere. But knowing that i cant really play multiplayer because of these issues truly is a let down. In addition i heard there is a lot of lag with the multiplayer.

The game already has been out for awhile and they have DLC. You would think they would have addressed this gaping issue with multiplayer. That's why I'm asking here because I don't know if current or future patches will address these problems with multiplayer.

Would be nice to hear from the following developers on this topic. I don't think I came across anything that they talk about the multiplayer problems. If they are ever coming to the consoles. I won't lie this really is a huge issue and really kills the vibe to play multiplayer.





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need Old Warzone mode for coop ;)

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Regarding the morality issue in co-op; I like the system that SWTOR uses, each player chooses what they want, use an rng to decide who speaks, each player's morality is affected by that players choice.

I think co-op VCs are one of the most asked for features. TBH the whole co-op experience seems bolted on. I am glad something is there for it, but it feels like an afterthought because of the "...technical as well as design barriers..." preventing VC integration.

I would even be ok with no changes to dialogue (even though it doesn't make sense) if we could at least play TA's and the other classes. Of course I would prefer that the story recognizes that a TA is present, but having one class not able to co-op freely with the other classes shows the same lack of understanding of the culture that not having co-op VCs does.

I hope you guys can work though these issues, or if not provide some meatier late game co-op content (something similar to the priority missions but as long as the VS's would be great).

I do love the game and know you all do work hard on new content and bug fixes. Thanks for that!

@XRUPTOR‍ I only saw your posts after your original subject downvoted (I upvoted the original). And while I don't know why someone would downvote them, my guess is that you appear to be whining for a response a day after posting. I don't think your comments are necessarily bad (and I only downvote blatant hate, bullying, etc.), but they don't contribute to the post either. I don't comment on my downvotes because it tends to just fuel a bad discussion. Also, anonymous voting is needed to prevent retaliation. Just my two-cents on the why of the downvoting.

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The Tech-Adept's campaign restriction: this basically comes from the 'unique' status of Prophecy being not just an expansion of Martyr but a standalone game as well.

Void Crusade coop: we gave a lot of thought to this option but there are a few technical as well as design barriers along the way to implement it. We haven't closed this topic just yet but the chances are not high.

I personally agree with you on the 3rd issue and it has also been brought up to our team a few times but to change it would require some substantial rework so we put it aside. If our team will have some time to handle this, we will naturally change the Morality system.

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I find it amusing, that folks have down voted practically all the posts in this thread because it conflicts with their personal criteria or option. Therefore, since they are offend are thus compelled to down vote anonymously without actually taking the time to post there thoughts and opinions here. Especially for a matter that has been discussed a multitude of times apparently on not just this platform but on Reddit and Steam on the issues stated above.  I welcome folks to state their opinions and who knows there could be a constructive argument on whether the concerns mentioned above should or shouldn't be addressed.

But no, it's just easier to down vote I suppose.  What a great way to get our voices heard to the developers folks.  Thanks for putting a positive spin on the community here.

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Yep, it seems there are quite a number of threads related to the same subject or at least partially.  It also appears they are being silent on the issue. There have been mass community requests for some sort of updates on the issues with co-op and multiplayer.  Especially in regards to Void Crusades!  You would think they would at least give a brief update to folks on the status of these issues. 

Not only would that at least give some sort of comfort and hope for those that actually paid for the game, but would help in bringing more positivism to the game as folks recommend it to others.  I have for the most part.  But my other friends have recently brought up the same multiplayer concerns.  So as you can imagine it's a problem.

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Im with you man. Yesterday i also made a post about missing multiplayer endgame content and they didnt respond yet too. But funny that you also compared the gameplay feeling with diablo. Diablo 2 was the best game back in that days
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No response yet. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised at the lack of response. I suppose they've moved on to other projects.