Local Co-op


I got this game because it said it had couch co-op.  But the only option is to play as some garbage pre-made henchman with no progression?

When will actual, proper co-op be added?  Every single other ARPG does this properly.  Every.  Single.  Game.  Other than yours.

When will it be fixed?

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Local Co-op
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1 year 310 days ago
But in this day and age what barriers could there be. I mean Warhammer Chaosbane did it fine. Just wondering since when I bought it, it said local coop. Guess I should have read the fine print. Lol
2 years 115 days ago
As stated in the game's description in the console version of the game couch coop is available in the form of pre-made characters which can be controller by a partner. Local coop though is not available in the game - our developers eventually decided not to implement this feature due to some barriers.