Mouse pointer shows forbidden


The mouse pointer shows forbidden (the haircross is crossed through with red) even though the action is allowed.

e.g. you are using a ranged weapon an the enemy you want to shoot at is our of range. The mouse icon indicates you can't do this action but the action takes place. The char moves a bit further and shoots then.

Makes no sense to show actions like that as forbidden.

Same for movement. If you have a place you want to go which is further away (e.g. on a crossroad and you can see some point at the left road leaving the crossroad) the mouse indicates that you can't do walk there but the char moves.

Please remove that forbidden pointer for regular and allowed actions. The only circumstance where this should show is when you click on some pont which is not part of the walkable path (e.g. a point outside of the map, a crater you can't enter and such). In this case the char should neither move nor shoot.

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Mouse pointer shows forbidden
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