More Perks on Release?


First of all i want to say, that i'm really satisfied with the progress of the game, alpha to beta patch was huge improvement overall.

One thing that i wonder so far, with the addition of all the Perks listed in the 0.8.0 Patch Notes, there are alot of Perks that i unlocked via Heroic Deeds that do not show up in the Perk selection. Did you guys remove them or will you bring them in the game later(at release or with coming Patches?)

There are some really cool ones that i would like to put my hand on.

One that comes to my mind straight away is a Psyker perks where all abilities that affect me(aka buffs) last twice as long, with that perk you can pretty much have 100% uptime on almost all buffs.

This is just one example, there are quite a few more

Anyway, great job so far and i will soon give a more detailed Feedback Thread + a few bugs that i came across.

Till then, have a nice time purging heretic.

For the Emperor!

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More Perks on Release?
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